I’m a travelling photographer, based in Margate, UK. Originally from Belgium, but love made me move countries.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve captured my life, my love, and my adventures, through all kinds of different lenses: my handy cams, point & shoots, polaroids, and of course my beloved digital cameras. As you can tell, my heart always leads the way, often guiding me to document the love stories of others too. Basically, I have the best job in the world.

Trix, really, we can’t thank you enough. You were not only our photographer, but also our fixer, our person to go to, our support throughout the whole day. Thank you for making the most beautiful day of our lives even more beautiful.

- Eefje & Joris


for the ones with soul.
 for the ones with tempers.
for the dreamers, the leaders and the rebels. 

Loving someone deeply and having them love you back is the absolute coolest thing in this world. What are the odds of that actually happening? I want you to soak this up, because out of every human on planet earth, you found each other and said: fuck yes, I want no one else but you. That’s pretty sick isn’t it? 

Let me capture that. Your life, your love, your art, your family, your home, your connection, your spilled coffee, your ‘you’. 


Let’s capture your love story. The unique little spark that you both share. Your love language. The way he makes you tea, with 2 sugars and a splash of milk. The way you overcook the veggies because he likes it that way. The realness. All the little things and all the big feelings. So when you’re both sitting on your porch one day, equal amount of wrinkles as you have stories, you can look at these photos and think, ‘we were just kids in love’.