Just in case you need a little extra convincing, here’s a collection of my most prized possessions: a combination of beautiful words from the beautiful humans I’ve had the pleasure of working with.

Laura & David

"Laura and I share many characteristics. One of them is a dislike for overly sentimental fuss. After attending an obligatory wedding fair, we were very certain: we don't want a traditional photographer asking us to look lovingly into each other's eyes. No, what we wanted was a photographer who captures us as we are: a bit crazy, unconventional, and playful. The photos are a reflection of who we are. And that's the most important thing. The same goes for her partner Nick who made a wonderful aftermovie. We (knock on wood) only get married once. So, we won't be able to ask Trix again. To all couples: don't make the wrong choice and simply choose The Eden Stories. That's one choice you won't regret."

Vanessa & Jonas

"Trix is an incredibly sweet and unbelievably talented woman. It had been on my list for a long time to have our family captured by her, and I am incredibly happy and grateful that it has finally happened now. Trix truly went above and beyond to find the ideal location for our shoot. The photos really exceeded all our expectations, and Trix captured us so naturally. Truly photos to cherish."

Valerie & Maarten

"I really wanted to thank you so much for what you meant to us on the day itself. The connection was there, from the very moment we met you in Antwerp. It was one of those evenings where you feel like you're meeting new friends. First going over practical matters and then chatting about life and love. Because we noticed, you are also madly in love with your Nick, and that's so beautiful to see!

You captured our day so beautifully, and we could already tell from the preview. With every photo we opened, we were like 'wooow' 'omg did we pose THAT well at those moments?!'. We think your talent for setting and light has something to do with it too ;)"

Eefje & Joris

"Trix, really, we can’t thank you enough. You were not only our photographer, but also our fixer, our person to go to, our support throughout the whole day. Thank you for making the most beautiful day of our lives even more beautiful."

Gaëlle & Jordy

”No idea where to start. Trix is ​​such a talented woman! In addition to the beautiful photos & memories, she made us feel very comfortable on our wedding day. We never doubted our choice for a second to take her as our photographer on the most beautiful day of our lives. We still get goosebumps when we look back at the photos.

Dear Trix, keep doing what you are doing! You are one in a million!”

Maikel & Filip

"Average? Naaaaah, not our thing! We searched for a year to find the right photographer and found two Polish photographers we were considering flying in. But as our wedding day approached, we stumbled upon @theedenstories. Blown away and convinced by this edgy, cool chick, we knew her style was completely our vibe. We let go of our deposit, thanked the other photographers, and wholeheartedly went for Trix. And we have no regrets. She flows through the wedding, capturing every emotion, tear, and joke in such a way that when you look at the photos afterward, you remember exactly what was said. Absolutely fantastic!

The editing of the photos, the presentation in the gallery, and the tears we shed when seeing each photo confirmed two months after our wedding that we made the right choice. Our Trix hit the nail on the head."

Cedric & Lotte

”Every time we look at your photos, it seems like we come across as models, while I suspect you've never met such awkward people in front of the camera. We didn't even know we could look so beautiful in a photo, but we are convinced it's because you're such a natural talent."

James & Louise

"On the day of the wedding, Nick's warm and friendly demeanour immediately put us at ease. Despite the inevitable nerves that come with being in front of a camera, Nick's presence felt more like that of a friend capturing our cherished moments, rather than a hired professional. He seamlessly navigated through the day, effortlessly capturing every detail and ensuring that no precious moment was missed.

When we received the final video, we were utterly speechless. Nick had managed to encapsulate the essence of our wedding day in a way that exceeded all expectations. It was a masterpiece that artfully captured the ambiance of the venue, the joy of our guests, and the intimate moments shared between us. Watching the video was an emotional journey that transported us back to the magic of that day, and for that, we will be forever grateful."

Camille & Cedric

”Trix and Nick are the most warm and loving people to work with ✨ We very consciously chose to work with them for our wedding! After a fantastic meeting and engagement shoot, we have only grown more enthusiastic. You are sure of a personalised approach which only makes the whole experience more enjoyable.”

Caroline & Hervé

”Highly recommended! Our children (5y & 3y) felt comfortable with Trix quite quickly. They felt so safe that there were quick laughs, hugs and kisses between brother and sister who would otherwise love to bicker. Trix knew that we did not want 'too posed' photos and was more than happy to take unexpected photos that led to beautiful pictures. The hardest part of the whole shoot? That is choosing which photos we want to print. Thank you Trix for making our wedding shoot a wonderful memory. We would like you to join us on the next memorable days where we need a photographer.”

Karolien & Wannes

”Our meeting with Trix was an immediate hit on a cozy terrace in Antwerp. We had been fans of her artistic style for some time, but we soon felt that she immediately understood what "vibe" we were looking for for our wedding party. Trix captured both our civil wedding and our party in a surprising, unique but at the same time very personal way. Looking at the photos afterwards was a rollercoaster of laughter and tears of joy - in short, an amazing photographer with her heart in the right place and an eye for the most beautiful small and big moments!”

Shavalley & Evert

”Thank you for turning our day into 'tangible' memories. It was partly thanks to you that we have zero regrets we decided to do a secret elopement. We had such a fun day with the three of us and at times it really felt like you were one of our close friends.

What a talent, what a personality. We loved it! I can mention many small details that made it a great collaboration: flexibility, understanding that there was the chance of a last minute cancellation, splitting payments, thinking about poses etc.
Your enthusiasm, openness and sincerity made us feel at ease that day, which is not so obvious when you only see someone for the second time on your wedding day.

Family, friends and acquaintances have only given compliments about the photos. It is indeed an art to give a photo so much appearance. Every time we look back at the photos we are amazed at how beautiful and vibrant they are. Evert and I are sooooo happy to have had you as a photographer. We are convinced and hope that you will have a few more places in the future to capture more of our wonderful moments.”