the wild side of business

From my brand to yours, I know how important storytelling and setting a scene are. Together we can bring campaigns to life that completely fit the essence of your brand. If you’re looking for someone who doesn’t just ‘capture your products’, but is involved in the whole process, from location scouting, prop sourcing, story telling to scene setting, the whole shebang, I’m your girl. 



GuudWoman is a Belgium based brand who created a line of supplements, designed by women, for women. Using the best active and natural ingredients, scientifically proven to support your menstrual cycle. On top of that, they’re very passionate about community building and creating a safe space for women and their menstrual health journey. 

Together we wanted to capture both product and lifestyle shots for their instagram and website. They have a very strong brand identity, with beautiful brand colours that I incorporated in both the location and in the props during the shoot, so the photos seamlessly fit into their colourful identity. 

Whatever you need, collaborating with Trix is fantastic! She has already done several shoots for Guud Woman, and the result has always exceeded expectations. From brand shoots to portraits or event photos, you can count on her at any time. What I appreciate is that she thinks along with us to bring our vision to life. The atmosphere she creates on set is spontaneous and familiar, making even inexperienced models feel completely at ease. And bonus points: she works super fast, so we have a lot of photos in no time that we can use immediately. Trix is truly a great photographer, and I highly recommend her!



We also offer branding videos. And by ‘“we” I mean Nick, because he’s the video guru in this household! 

Check out some work he did for OhYaz, we worked as a team on this one! Check out the photos above!